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The Miami Club Gymnastics team consists of a women’s team and a men’s team of dedicated and ethusiastic athletes. The Miami Club Gymnastics allows for any individual to join, no matter their skill level. We have a wide range of skills levels, but all work together to make each other stronger athletes and a better team.


We travel to meets all around the nation, including: Virginia Tech, OSU, Michigan and other schools. Competitions are always a blast, where the team is able to bond as well as show off the skills that were learned in during the year. We conclude each season with a national competition, where every club in the country joins together and competes. Nationals is free for members and the location changes every year.



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2014-15 Miami Club Gymnastics
2013-14 Miami Club Gymnastics
2012-13 Miami Club Gymnastics
2011-12 Miami Club Gymnastics


Mock Meet 2018

October 28, 2018

Miami Gymnastics 2018 is bringing so much talent to the table. Mock meet was a great opportunity to see everyone's routines that they will soon be competing, and to see how much hard work everyone has been putting in so early on in the season. 

Butterfield Farms

October 21, 2018

Although finding our way through the corn maze might have been a challenge, there's no better way to kick off fall than spending time together at Butterfield Farms.

Not So Secret Santa

Dec. 8, 2016

'Twas many weeks before Christmas, when all through Sawyer

Not a gymnast was flipping. Not even a bounder.

Mock Meet

Oct. 23, 2016

Dusting off old tricks to prepare for this season. Nationals, we may not be ready for you just yet, but you just wait. 

Secret Santa

December 2, 2015

The team got together for their annual holiday celebration. Festivities included a secret santa gift exchange, the ugliest of Christmas sweaters, and some very silly team members. 

Team Bowling

5October 24, 2015

The team began the day with an in house competition to preapare for the upcoming meet in Virginia. Afterwards the team enjoyed a meal at chipotle and then tried out a different sport! The team spent the afternoon at Oxford Lanes, bowling away. It has been established that most members should stick with the sport of gymnastics. 


November 7, 2015

The team started the season off in Blacksburg, Virginia. The team took 22 members to the competition, a few more than in previous years. Several members competed their first ever gymnastics routines, all having a blast! The team is looking forward to the next competition for a chance to improve and hit personal bests! 

Secret Santa

December 4, 2014

Fitted with Christmas sweaters and holiday spirit, the whole team partook in the annual Secret Santa exchange. Presented with one small gift and one big gift, each teammate had to guess who their Secret Sanata was. Many funny, meaningful and random gifts were received by everyone. Plus there was a guest appearance my our very own St. Nicholas. 


November 8, 2014

Our one and only competition this semester landed us in Blacksburg at Virginia Tech. The team drove 8 lovely hours spent sleeping, doing homework, telling funny stories and braiding hair. The competition went very well considering the limited time to prepare. Unfortunately, Riley took a ride to the hospital for dislocating her knee during her floor routine. The men's team made her proud though scoring the highest team score in years and placing second. 

Flips 4 Tips

October 8, 2014

Miami students were stunned on their way to class as their own Miami gymnastics team was flipping over the sacred Miami University Seal. The team members would perform frontflips, backflips, fulls, handstands and iron-crosses, all for donations to the team.


March 9, 2014

The team visited Eastern Michigan University this weekend. Fairly small meet, but Miami came and dominated anyways. Men's team came in first while the women's team came in an impressive 3rd place. The team congradulates Kevin Hamilton for winning indivdually and, sohpmore Nick Mara for making the podium for the first time in 5th place. Also we got to witness an EMU propsal of the captain of the team.

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